Tour# W02 The Karaoke Night in Sakata!

You may wear wigs for your best performance

※Children under 18 years old are not accepted.
※No tours Sunday and Holiday

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Karaoke is a major entertainment for men and women of all ages in Japan. The guide will bring you to the “Showa-type” of snack. Let’s enjoy the Japanese style night !

Basic Tour Plan

Wakaba Ryokan→ walk (10 min.)→“Snack Sakura”  ( 60min.)→ walk (10min.)→Wakaba Ryokan

Required time Approx.  1.5 hr.
The meeting place 21:00 @lobby
Minimum number of staff Min. 2 pers.
Price 10,000 JPY/pers
Table charge, one drink & small appetizer included.